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Notice: All recordings stay anonymous, confidential, and will be analyzed automatically by our software.
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This is how our election prediction works:

Presidential Election Prediction with Micro Expressions

Summary: Facial expressions reveal how somebody truly feels. Based on 50 years of scientific research on body language, technology has made it recently possible to measure through a webcam which emotions one feels about the videos they watch.

We measure what voters feel

More details about how it works:

1. Your webcam will record your spontaneous facial expressions as a reaction to seeing the candidates’ speeches.
2. Our software will compare your facial expressions to thousands of other recordings made during September and October of people watching the same video.
3. Our software will analyse which emotions most people feel while watching the candidates.
4. The more people participate, the more accurately the software can give information about the chances of a candidate in the elections.
5. End of October our study will be completed and we will be able to report how voters really feel, before the elections.

Your webcam can measure your subconscious emotions by analyzing your facial expressions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What question will you be able to answer with your study?

The main question we aim to answer is “How do voters really feel?”
Thanks to the emotions of voters analyzed on thousands of videos, we will be able to report accurately the unconscious emotions they feel while seeing the presidential candidates. Other basic questions we will be able to answer are:
– How do Democrats feel seeing Obama?
– Which is the dominant emotion of Republicans watching Romney?
– How do Democrats perceive Romney?
– Which emotions do Republicans experience listening to Obama?

Isn’t the outcome of the US elections dependent of much more than just a speech?

Yes, of course, and we are conscious that many elements contribute to an election. Our focus is to report the emotions people feel when seeing the presidential candidates. Because emotions drive people’s choices, most of the time even unconsciously, our research will give insight in how a public perception can influence the outcome of an election.

What are Micro Expressions?

Micro Expressions are short movements of the facial muscles that reveal how somebody feels. They are present in every conversation, and happen most of the time unconsciously and involuntarily. It’s actually very difficult to suppress the movement of your facial muscles when you feel strong emotions. Being able to read Micro Expressions helps to get accurate information on how somebody truly feels.

How does the software work?

The software analyzes which of the six basic emotions (happiness, disgust, anger, fear, surprise and sadness) one feels while watching an emotion eliciting video. We also teach how to recognize these emotions in our Micro Expressions Training program, which is the only one in the world using real-time video clips. The reports generated by the software will give insights on which emotions people feel and at what time during the video. The emotion eliciting video about Obama and Romney contains various important pieces that might elicit different emotions in democrats, republicans, independents or persons outside the USA. By combining the reports of thousands of viewers, we will be able to provide interesting results about how voters really feel about the candidates. All recordings stay anonymous and confidential, and will be analyzed automatically by our software. No individual recordings will be seen, used or analyzed by anyone.

Participate in our online US election prediction using facial expressions recognition:

Your recording stays confidential, and will be analyzed automatically by our software. No individual recordings will be seen by humans.
Only reports of collective analysis will be available. Thank you for participating! Patryk Wezowski & Kasia Wezowski

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